Wednesday, October 29, 2008


After several mechanical set backs Doogie has finally arrived in Arkansas to a warm welcome at Cloud Creek Institute for the Arts.  Yesterdays departure from Colorado was bittersweet.  Our prolonged stay in Boulder, Ft. Collins and Genoa, Colorado resulted in many new friendships.  

Specifically, Team Bioride owes a sincere debt of gratitude to Emily and Sasha.  Not only are they the proud owners of the friendliest and softest couch in Ft. Collins but Emily's banana pancakes are hands down the best way to wake up when you're stranded with no end in sight.  

And speaking of stranded, if you are ever in need of automotive advice and find yourself in Genoa, Co I truly hope you have the good fortune to bump into Jeff, Taylor and Pauly of Jeffy Lube - the only Garage/Pub in town.  These three roguish Genoa fixtures will keep you laughing and get you back on the road before you can say, "Hey Bartender....."

To Melissa and Rebecca: Ladies your bathroom has never been cleaner and anytime you'd like to host another Chili cook off you just let us know.  Your patience and charity should be the standard.

And of course we can't forget the boys from CU Biodiesel who were the true facilitators of our Colorado excursion.  To all our new friends we say thank you.  Our hearts, doors, cupboards and couches will forever be open to you!

Unfortunately we have the sad duty of reporting that two members of the Bioride Team have returned to Seattle.  Prior commitments and personal obligations have forced Nick and Ryan to return to Washington.  The boys might be gone but their spirit remains - we'll see you in Sea-town boys! 

After a brief refit and refuel in Arkansas, Doogie and Team Bioride will continue South toward New Orleans and then East across the bottom of the United States.  So we're back on the move and once again it's business as usual for this BIOFUELED adventure!  

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