Friday, October 31, 2008


Doogie received all sorts of attention today!  The Team installed a new thermostat rated to 195 degrees Fahrenheit that will keep Doogie and his fuel warm and running sweetly now that colder temperatures have found us.  A fresh change of oil and oil filter will keep Doogie nice and limber and we are more than pleased to report that the Baxter Bulletin of Mountain Home, Arkansas paid us a friendly visit this morning.

Always a ham for attention - Doogie brushed himself off and smiled pretty for the camera.  Too much more attention like this and Doogie is likely to develop a big head!  While Doogie is busy being cooed over the Bioride Team is scrounging  for supplies to fabricate a portable biodiesel reactor.

In the interest of eliminating bad fuel and fuel related mechanical issues the Team has decided to refine their waste vegetable oil (WVO) to a cleaner state.  A one tank reactor design was chosen for it's ease of construction and portability.  This new addition will allow the Team to produce their own biodiesel from WVO.  With biodiesel in his belly Doogie's overall performance will be increased - especially in colder temperatures. 

And on a more entertaining note - stay tuned for the soon to be released teaser-trailer of ALONG FOR THE RIDE    

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