Sunday, September 14, 2008

BIORIDE 2008!!

BIORIDE2008 is an independent grassroots alternative energy project.
The Goal: Convert a 1985 Diesel Suburban into a biofuel vehicle that runs solely on waste vegetable oil and drive 10,000 miles around the perimeter of the United States.

Who is BIORIDE 2008?

The BIORIDE 2008 Support Crew, Ground Crew and Road Crew are members of a global community that recognize a need for new and alternative energy solutions. Friends and members of BIORIDE 2008 come from a wide variety of personal, geographical and professional backgrounds.

What will the BIORIDE 2008 Road Crew do in the communities it visits?
The BIORIDE 2008 Road Team will be visiting schools, fundraisers, rallies and sporting events and discussing the benefits of alternative energy.

What happens after the BIORIDE 2008 Tour?
The BIORIDE 2008 vehicle will be raffled off for charity.

What is waste vegetable oil?
Waste vegetable oil is the by-product left over from restaurant deep-fryers. Typically after the close of business the fryers are cleaned and the old oil is thrown away.

Where will the BIORIDE 2008 Road Crew be staying?
The BIORIDE 2008 Road Crew will be staying with friends, family, and supporters from the communities that BIORIDE 2008 visits.

I want to be involved. How can I help?
Visit the BIORIDE 2008 websites and show your support! If you have equipment, advice, knowledge or words of encouragement log onto the BIORIDE 2008 websites listed below and let the world know!

What does “SMELL THE ADVENTURE™” mean?
The BIORIDE 2008 motto refers to the peculiar odor of waste vegetable oil – it smells like French Fries when it burns.

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