Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 9: Seattle Sponsor Search and such...

Here's where the day started. Jeremiah and I were searching for more sponsors.

During our 'sponsor-search', we went to Kavu. For those of you who are curious what Kavu is, google them like we did. No free rides.

The first person we met in the office was Stephanie. She was exceedingly friendly and helpful. She described to us how the outdoor sporting industry is drooling for projects and ideas like BioRide 2008. After a very engaging discussion, she gave me and Jeremiah a tour of the facilities. We WILL be in touch with Kavu. Side note: Judging by Stephanie's amiable personality, the little bun currently in her oven is going to have some great genes. Congratulations Stephanie!

On another positive note, we have gotten word from team-member Amber, our "Hollywood connection", that Firewater the band ( ) will be producing our soundtrack.

This means that all (or most) of our actions on film are going to have music to them. That will be a strange feeling knowing whatever I might be doing at the time is going to have a specific song chosen for that moment. I hope for inspirational music similar to the theme from
Rudy or Robin Hood the Prince of Thieves! More on that as it develops...

Team BioRide has the website up!!! ( ) Alright, alright... It's not fully functioning yet, but it's a creative process. Our webmaster is Justine Gordon, she's located in San Francisco and she's been working triple-time on getting the website up and running. There are many talented, intelligent, hard-working, kind individuals who are making all of this possible. This project is enthralling.

-Nick (a.k.a. Chili)


Jesse said...

No no, you are Oso Hombre- dont' forget it!

Anonymous said...

sicky! great advancements i am reading 'bout. & you pulled firewater, which is sick! i've been a fan of there's since the late 90's.