Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A day of accomplishment!!

Day 3:
Jeremiah and Nicholas have been charging hard and the tick list is getting smaller!

The Team has a vehicle picked out that will be thoroughly inspected by 'Chief Engineer', Ryan McLeod.

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Suburban
Year: 1985
Vital Stats: 6.2 Liter diesel engine, 3" lift, 4x4, WITH a CB Radio!
And the color is a dreamy spot-rust sky blue.

This is the major step in the process. Without a proper vehicle, this road trip could prove to be quite difficult. (a weak attempt at subtle humor)

Here's the hopeful starship that will transport us around the wide expanse of the United States.

Just another step in the process...

Additionally, we now have created a myspace page ( ) and are in process of creating a facebook page. Between the blog, the myspace page, and the facebook group, we are spreading the word across the electronic community.

This project is evolving rapidly. More updates to come...

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