Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a blip in time!

Remember the Rolling Stones song "Time is on my side"?

I wish that was the case. However, this is obviously NOT our theme for preparing BioRide 2008. We have had a little over one month to prepare for a one-month journey around the United States. I am so impressed with the way things have gelled together, and the large amount of hurdles we have surmounted. The BioRide idea started full steam and has been consistent since the very inception of it.

Today, on September 30th, we are hosting our second fundraiser of this adventure at the EASTLAKE GRILL at 7:00 (http://www.eastlakebarandgrill.com/).

Other news: "Doogie" (our ride) has had a make-over! 'She' is a lovely pearl white and eagerly awaiting graphics!

Furthermore, we have the itinerary completed, and it is going to be tough! Apparently, there is going to be a large amount of hours logged driving around the country. Who would've guessed...

Here is the scheduled itinerary:

BioRide Itinerary for October (subject to change)
Wed. 8 – Seattle, WA to Portland, OR
Th 9 – Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA
Fr 10 – Day in San Francisco, CA
Sa 11 – San Francisco, CA to L.A., CA
Su 12 – Day in Las Angeles
Mo 13 – L.A. to San Diego, CA

Tu 14 – San Diego, CA to Las Vegas, NV
We 15 – Day in Las Vegas (Nick flies back to Seattle)
Th 16 – Leave Las Vegas (Wait for Nick’s return flight from Seattle), drive to Bullhead City, AZ (give presentation to school)
Fr 17 – Bullhead City, AZ to Boulder, CO - Bio Convention!
Sa 18 – Day in Boulder – Bio Convention!
Su 19 – Day in Boulder – Bio Convention!
Mo 20 – Boulder, CO to Austin, TX
Tu 21 – Austin, TX to Little Rock, AR
We 22 – Day in Little Rock, AR (Nick flies back to Seattle)
Th 23 – Little Rock, AR to New Orleans, LA (pick Nick up in New Orleans)
Fr 24 – New Orleans, LA to Jacksonville, FL
Sa 25 – Jacksonville, FL to Virginia Beach, VA
Su 26 – Virginia Beach, VA to Baltimore, MD (day trip to Washington DC)
Mo 27 – Baltimore, MD to Portland, ME (day trip to Manhattan, NY)
Tu 28 – Portland, ME to Detroit, MI
We 29 – Day in Detroit, MI
Th 30 – Detroit, MI to Minneapolis, MN
Fr 31 – Minneapolis, MN to Billings, MO
Sa 1 – Billings, MO to Seattle, WA

The BioRide team is still finalizing stops along the way at various schools and universities. Although we will be pressed for time, stopping to spread the word about alternative energies and the accessibility of biofuels is the most important part. I greatly anticipate these stops along the way...
I'm out. -Nick

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