Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thoughts after a productive day!

There has been so much accomplished in such a short time. Just today, we have:

  1. Began to refine the blog (our main way to spread the word)
  2. We went to look at the possible vehicle for this adventure... spot on.
  3. Created a profile on myspace ( )
  4. Created a group on facebook (BioRide 2008)
  5. Utilized advice, information, and suggestions from friends
  6. About a thousand various other small things...

The most interesting thing I am learning is there is no way to do this alone. This project necessitates the involvement of the surrounding community. We are embarking on a mission to get sponsers. Although there is some cost involved (bound to happen), the goal is for the local buisinesses to assist us in any way that they can. Whether that is day-old bagels from a bakery or putting a blurb about us on their website, anything helps.

Team BioRide 2008 is doing this. The positivity, motivation, drive and excitement of possibility is overwhealming. In fact, in one day of being "online" we have already tripled our friend base and received offers to stay at "friends" houses as we travel around the perimeter of the country.

It is all of these small steps that will add up to make this a successful journey. I am anticipating the next hurdles tomorrow will bring. This could be big.


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