Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Biofuel Vehicle, Ten Thousand Miles

BioRide 2008 is an independent grassroots project based on a simple idea:

“Travel as far as we can for as little as possible.”

1. Drive 10,000 miles around the perimeter of the continental United States in a converted vehicle that operates solely on BIOFUEL.
2. Promote and explore BIOFUEL and alternative energy in the communities that we visit.
3. Promote community involvement and community networking.
4. Share the story.

1. Locate and secure a suitable donated vehicle and perform the BIOFUEL conversion.
2. Along the way interview people who have and have not been affected by, or exposed to, alternative energy resources.
3. Find lodging in local people’s homes and meet and interacting with people along the way.
4. With the use of sound, film and photographic equipment we will record and document the BioRide 2008 journey with the intent of producing a documentary film that will be distributed to various film festivals.

The Nitty-Gritty:

A donated vehicle will be converted to operate on waste vegetable oil. All fuel will be procured from restaurants and lodging will be provided by a network of friends, family and supporters.

The final product will be an edited film featuring the people, places and situations that we encounter along the way. In the midst of a historic presidential election, where alternative energy is a key issue, the BioRide 2008 Team feels that there will be plenty of source material.

After the trip is completed the vehicle will be raffled off as a fund raising event.

The BioRide '08 vehicle will be driven around the perimeter of United States starting in Seattle, WA and stopping at the following tentative way-points:

Missoula, MT - Bismarck, ND - Duluth, MN - Green Bay, WI - Chicago, IL - Detroit, MI - Cleveland, OH - Buffalo, NY - Montpelier, VT - Bangor, ME - Boston, MA - New York, NY - Washington, D.C. - Richmond, VA - Raleigh, NC - Columbia, SC - Savannah, GA - Macon, GA - Atlanta, GA - Birmingham, AL - Hattiesburg, MS - New Orleans, LA - Shreveport, LA - Memphis, TN - Little Rock, AR - Dallas, TX - Phoenix, AZ - Sandiego, CA - San Francisco, CA - Astoria, OR - Portland, OR and back to Seattle, WA.

Current Sponsors:

Cloud Creek Institute for the Arts - Film equipment and Creative Direction

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