Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday, 6:49pm BIORRIDE2008 HQ

The house is quiet. The excitement is fading, no - strike that, it's just transforming. The entire project is solidifying. When I look at my cohorts I see determination - infectious determination.

Four more sponsors have come forward and the old war cry of, "We can do this!" Has evolved into, "We are doing this." We don't have much time - our departure date has been set: Wednesday, October 8th - but a comfortable blanket of resolve has wrapped itself around our team. And goddamn - what a team it is! We have everything from special-needs educators to former military to musicians and every other background in between.

Each hurdle is a challenge and after each one is met, no matter the outcome, we face the next with more experience, more knowledge and rock solid confidence. This is happening. In thirty-two days we will climb into the BIORIDE2008 vehicle, fire up that big bad 6.2L newly converted BIOENGINE and turn our backs on petroleum for the next 10,000 miles.

This is happening.


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Michelle said...

Now we have Boulder!